The process of removing oil from freshly picked olives is called first cold press. This is the traditional method of creating the highest quality olive oil. The oil is never heated. The olives are picked from the trees either by hand or using a harvesting tool which combs the trees. We try to avoid any bruising of the fruit to prevent the oxidation process which can change the flavor of the oil. We bring the olives to the mill within hours of being picked and they are pressed in less than 24 hours. The olives are crushed with their pits and the paste that results is then passed into the mixing unit where it is centrifuged rapidly to separate the oil from the particulate matter. This is a water free method, preserving 100% of the olive's natural flavors, producing the purest and finest quality oil. We test our olive oil for free fatty acid and peroxide levels. These values assure customers they are truly getting a high quality, fresh oil. The oil is then aged for several months, bottled and stored in a cool, dark area. From there it is sent to markets, gourmet emporiums, restaurants and homes around the country.